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Thanksgiving 2020

Well, here we are in November!

We have navigated our way through summer. We have limited our celebrations, paired down our holiday crowds, and have enjoyed more time outside during these unprecedented times. Thanksgiving is usually one of American's largest holiday gatherings. "Pull up another chair; there is always room for one more at the table" kind of holiday. Well, probably not this year. But Thanksgiving is not canceled.

Why not set the most beautiful table for your small gathering? Whether it is just you and your partner, or you and your children, let's make it a special occasion! Lift our spirits, make it feel like a special occasion, dress up, treat yourself to a new dessert or a new wine—time to pamper ourselves, and create something memorable.

My Thanksgiving Holiday will be with my son, husband, and myself. We are cooking a stuffed turkey with all of the trimmings! I have created a table setting with the table linens I have designed using linens I have had for years. I kept layering my tablecloths, runner, then lastly the plate chargers. The link below is a downloadable table setting guide if you would like to print it out for future reference.


I have had these dishes for years. I found them at Target; they are neutral and earthy. The "Laguna" table runner is from my SoCal line.

This year, I wanted to try my hand at a unique centerpiece for our table. I noticed my guys seem to appreciate little touches like this around the holidays.


Shop the marketplace for table runners to create your own look.

I scanned Pinterest and found a combination of ideas for my own centerpiece. I used a faux pumpkin, fresh fall flowers along with silk sunflowers, seed pods, and drapey green tendrils. To top it off, I added curly twigs bursting out of the top. Below is a link to a little tutorial on my process; you can do it too!


Grocery stores have so many gourds to decorate with, and I found a bag at my local grocer. Craft stores have some very realistic faux gourds you can reuse each year. I think I will go that route next year. I know there will only be the three of us this year, but I set the table for six to get the full effect.

Finally, to add that special touch, I created some beautiful, natural napkin rings seen below. Natural burlap ribbon topped off with pinecone tops.

Visit the link below on how to create these beauties.

Just get some heavy-duty pliers and start emptying the pinecone, and work your way up to the crown, which is your napkin ring topper. I used a soup can to wrap my ribbon and hot glue my pinecone top. I love how it all came together.


Finally, the table is ready for a Thanksgiving meal.

Wreath, Laguna table runner, can be found in my shop at the link:

I am always on the hunt for a new side dish or a new stuffing recipe for Thanksgiving. This really appealed to me. Brussel sprouts, the new "power" veggie! I am going to have to give this dish a try!

Get the side dish recipe here: Brussels Sprouts and Bacon.

Although 2020 has been an awful year, I still try to be thankful for what I have and all my loved ones by my side! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

"It is not joy that makes us GRATEFUL, and it is gratitude that makes us JOYFUL."❤️

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