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Have you seen the new home decor trend? Cottagecore!

Photo by Wallsauce

I think writer for Domino Magazine, Rebecca Deczynski, best describes the design trend Cottagecore;

"Imagine you’re in a quaint house just at the edge of the woods—something out of a fairy tale. You might have a small flock of chickens, and you definitely have a cup of tea constantly brewing. Your sourdough starter is thriving, and your life faintly resembles a Hayao Miyazaki film. You pass the time knitting and listening to classical music and arranging flowers and reading novels with deeply cracked spines. Congratulations: You’ve achieved peak cottagecore."

Cottagecore has gained popularity during the pandemic, especially with the Gen Z bloggers. Cottagecore fills our desire for “the simple life” and a connection to nature, so many of us are craving during the days of “quarantine.” Especially city dwellers. A new lifestyle of tech-free days, new (old) hobbies like knitting, painting, homemade meals, and baking. Cottagecore creates an atmosphere to escape from the stresses of our current world and help home dwellers feel surrounded by down-home, farmhouse, country comforts without leaving their home. A nod to simpler times.

When I read about Cottagecore, Holly Hobbie, Little House on the Prairie, and even the quaint little Hobbit houses came to mind. Cozy, casual, and nostalgic. Throw blankets, lace curtains, herbs hanging, bread in the oven, and tea kettle whistling. Sounds homey and safe in a troubled world. I can understand the appeal.

You can quickly bring the cozy cottagecore elements into your home with some of the basics I am highlighting in this month's blog.


1. Bring in dried, pressed, or fresh flowers, display them in glass vintage vases. Bring the outdoors indoors! Display on windowsills, tables, mantels. The more, the merrier!

Botanical Tales Pinterest Pinterest

Flower vases IKEA Future/Brent Darby/Pippa Blenkinsop RealHomes

Bring in nature with Randi K.

Succulent Wreaths

Shop Succulent accents

Shop Cottagecore woodsy aesthetic


2. Teacups and tea sets, ceramic floral plates, and bowls create a nostalgic feel. Take the time to brew a good cup of tea. Shop second-hand stores find vintage to add cottagecore charm!

The Columbian. Pinterest


3. Sheer curtains and linens; bring in romance and softens the light. Draping furniture with table linens creates cottagecore!

The Cottagecore tumbler Photo Laure


4. Mushrooms are a signature cottagecore look. Bring in the forest foraging with mushrooms. A touch of whimsy adds to the cottagecore charm. The pillows are the left add a touch of whimsy. Vintage Mushroom Art via Etsy and


5. Animal pastoral art, reference nature, and down-home farm life. Bring the countryside to you.

Below, check out Randi K. Folk Art:


Folk Art Cow skull


Longhorn Big Sur


6. Ceramic animal figurines; Salt and pepper shakers, vases, and cookie jars take a nod to farm life charm. Display in groupings. Anthropologie


7. Incorporate vintage furniture that looks passed down from generation to generation. Paint tones for walls and furniture in light blues, off white, and soft greens create the cottagecore mood. Wall Sauce


8. Fairy Lights! Bring in the fairy tale, escape. Learn how to make your own fairy light, visit the tutorial here: Cottagecore Fairy Light

Cottagecore lights Photo via Photo via Google Images


9. Embrace floral prints, cheery plaids, and gingham, mix them together! Floral chintz is back! It’s a perfect fit for the 'Queen Fairy" of the house. Bring romanticism and escapism to your own cottagecore home!

RealHomes. RealHomes.


10. Have plenty of cozy blankets to snuggle-in while enjoying a good book in your tech-free afternoon. Now is the time to bring out that favorite crocheted blanket from Grandma, quilts, and plaid blankets too. All give the coziness and charm of cottagecore aesthetic.

House Beautiful Photo via tumbler Photo via Pinterest


Bring in cozy, escapism, and whimsy with these Easy DIY Cottagecore looks: