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"Gifts of TIME and LOVE are surely the basic ingredients of a truly Merry Christmas" - Peg Bracken

Vintage Sled Decorated for Christmas
Photo by JacquelineSouthby via Getty Images

I love Christmas! I enjoy putting white lights up all over my home, creating ornaments, and hunting for the perfect gift for loved ones. This year, I will depend on my Christmas traditions I hold dear to help me through these unique times. I didn't realize how many holiday rituals I celebrate every Christmas. Always baking favorite cookies, making ornaments, watch favorite Holiday movies, create special meals, and fill the house with festive decor. I will celebrate these traditions while reminding myself that my family and I are healthy and this brings me joy!


I have been an avid Christmas card sender for years, but the last two years got away from me, and I did not send my usual bunch.

This year I am making an effort to send cards to those I know who may be alone and people I have not been able to see for months. If you are an avid Christmas-card- sender, checkout my farmhouse-inspired Christmas cards.

The holiday season will be different for all of us. My daughter, who lives abroad, will not be joining us this Christmas for the first time. But we will be Skyping quite a bit! We will not have our traditional Christmas Eve gift exchange with extended family, but maybe we will do a zoom Christmas gathering? It is time to get creative and make the best of these times!


In this blog, I have fun with patterns for my Christmas table setting and share a do-it-yourself table charger, set up a yummy breakfast brunch buffet, and create an ornament inspired by the Victorian Era. So easy to do, and so beautiful!

I imagine a colorful, whimsical table this year. In the past, I have decorated elegant & formal Christmas table settings, but color, color, and color is whatI envision this year! I began researching my favorite magazines, blogs, and my Pinterest feed (a great resource) for colorful Holiday table setting ideas. I couldn't find what I was visualizing in my head, or how apply my ideas for my colorful holiday tablescape. Then I realized I have everything I need!

I am embracing the fun patterns of my Randi K. Holiday Line for my inspiration! Starting as the main influencer, my Holiday Green Paisley Table Runner. I am going to incorporate leftover Christmas fabrics I have on hand, and Randi K. wrapping paper! Let's see how it turns out.

Now that I have decided on a plan, I need chargers full of pattern, but my search for the right color or scale was difficult. So I am going to create my own chargers. You can too!

Visit the tutorial to see how to make your own. There are only six steps and a few materials that you can get at your local craft store.

Using my leftover Randi K. fabric, I am sewing a 42" red square table cloth. I am simply turning the edges 1/4" and sewing. This will layer under my table runner and chargers.

FYI...You can now order Randi K. Fabrics by the yard, available at Spoonflower. The nice thing about Spoonflower is that you can choose your own fabric, from velvet to lightweight cotton, and you change the scale of the patterns as well.

Photo by Randi K
The table showcases four patterns

Here is the completed look. As you can see, I have four patterns on my table! Table runner design, table square cloth, Plate chargers and patterned napkins. I decided to use solid plates to make the patterns pop and give the "eye a rest." Tassels (found at any craft store) make the perfect napkin rings and finally a simple centerpiece.

I added mini Kurt S. Adler ornaments here and there for a touch of whimsy.

Product featured: Green Paisley Table Runner.

Shop the Randi K. Collection Marketplace to see other table runner designs


We decided to set up a Waffle Bar for Christmas brunch, "waffles your way!" Here is our set up! We had so much fun creating unique waffles for each of us! And of course, we served mango mimosas with Prosecco! Yum! 🥂

Waffle Bar

  • waffles

  • syrups

  • fruits

  • Savories; bacon, fried chicken

  • whipped cream

  • jellies

  • powdered sugar

  • cinnamon

  • toppings, chocolate chips, nuts

NOTE: Click through the slider on the right to see the Waffle Bar.

Product featured: Red Paisley Table Runner.


I create a new ornament every year. Not only do I put them on my tree, but I also add them to packages, secret Santa gifts, or I attach them to wine bottle gifts.

This ornament I am creating today is simple but always looks elegant; the beautiful "Victorian Fan Ornament." In Victorian times, these would be covered in glitter and satin. I have seen them in bright, modern colors too! You can have fun with these, and kids can join in on the fun too!

I wanted a farmhouse, antiqued look. So I chose sheet music scrapbook paper, burlap scrapbook embellishments, and rubbed the edges with a tea stain medium. Once they were completed, I just felt like they needed a little sparkle to catch a bit of the Christmas lights, so I added a touch of Mod Podge to the edges, and dusted with glitter, shook off the loose bits, and let dry. Visit your favorite craft store and select scrapbook paper and embellishments. Visit the tutorial to make your own!

Shop the Randi K. Collection Marketplace for ornaments.


Well, that was a busy afternoon! I enjoyed planning, decorating, and sharing my holiday ideas with you! I hope you have been inspired to create a special holiday for you and yours. Maybe a little "fan fair," especially this year, will lift our spirits. As we think of loved ones and holidays past, may we remember the traditions we love to re-create every season. Traditions are so important no matter what faith. What traditions do you practice during the holiday season? Do you have a special recipe from Grandma you like to bake? Maybe take a family holiday photo?

I hope that rekindling some of our traditions will give us a much needed warm fuzzy to pull us through this holiday season. I wish you ALL a very merry holiday season! May you stay healthy and safe!

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Membre inconnu
01 déc. 2020

Amazing how every thing is laid out for easy access. Clever and beautiful...Well done Randi.

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