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O' Christmas Tree...


What inspires your Christmas decor?

Looking back at my holiday decorating, I have found inspiration from simple things I love most, family, travel and color, and design. One year I covered my tree with dried roses from bouquets my husband had given me over the years. Another year I discovered the Dollar Store and found glitter-covered fruit. They were beautiful, and "sugar plum" was my Christmas theme that year.


Norske Tree

One of my favorite decor themes was inspired by a Christmas spent in Norway visiting my daughter. It was so special! There were gnomes everywhere, called "Nisse," red hearts, straw ornaments, Christmas goats, and the "Julbock." So, of course, I had to create my own Scandinavian tree the following year. It was so fun; I added skiers, sweaters, straw stars, felt heart ornaments, and Norwegian flag garlands. The result was a postcard of our memorable trip. We display this tree in our family room, where we spend our family time together.

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Coastal Tree

My dream came true when I could finally create a coastal tree! We purchased a cabin by a beautiful waterway in Washington state, and decor inspiration was everywhere. Immediately I gathered and painted oysters from the beach, then bedazzled starfish, sand dollars, and seashells.

Shimmery blues were incorporated with mermaids and Christmas balls. I even added starfish to wreaths and garlands. Every year we add a new seaside ornament here and there. I think it turned out lovely. I have posted many of my handmade ornaments on Pinterest for inspiration.

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Boho Christmas Tree

At our condo in the city, I originally put up a Boho Christmas tree to photograph my Boho Christmas Collection. But it was so colorful, and I just left it up! It's fun, bright, and full of whimsy. It suits our condo space and warms it up with its little white lights.

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Have fun with your Christmas decor; step out of the box. What inspires your Christmas theme? Ready to try something new? There are many ways to get inspired. Put some Christmas music on, change out your Christmas balls to a new color. Craft stores have buckets of ball assortments on sale right now. Maybe change out your lights, I love soft white lights, but there are so many choices out there today. Explore a new theme that appeals to you. Or keep your tradition, and celebrate your favorite ornaments on a flocked tree instead.

I love the smell of evergreen in my home. But this year, we purchased our first artificial tree. In recent years many folks have been purchasing artificial trees, easy to store and saves a tree. I know this tree will be just as beautiful, and I am looking forward to decorating my beach house this weekend! Have fun Christmas decorating. There is inspiration everywhere!

Happy Holidays!

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