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Tabletop Challenge Part Two..... DIY

photo- GiraffeManor,Kenya

This week I will be sharing three DIY projects from the French Country Tabletop, a Cottagecore Bread Recipe, Farmhouse tabletop projects and a yummy table centerpiece idea.

Fun and easy! Let's go!


French Country Tabletop Lemon Napkin Rings

"Asseyez-vous s'il vous plait". "Please, have a seat" at our French Table. We will be creating "designer knockoff" DIY Lemon Napkin Rings as seen in many of our favorite design mags, and try to re-create the "inspo" table setting.

DIY Lemon Napkin Rings


  • Paper towel tube

  • hot glue

  • artificial lemon branch (Michaels) $8.00

  • 1/4" jute string I had on hand (Hobby Lobby or hardware store)

  • scissors

Step 1: cut lemon branches off, leaves remain on

Step 2: cut 1/2" rings from paper tube

Step 3: glue bent branch stem in place on and around cardboard ring, let hot glue set

Step 4: dab of glue begin to apply string, hold until hot glue set

Step 5: continue to add a dab of glue, then wrap around, repeat

Step 6: continue to wrap around, glue & set around cardboard ring

Step 7: final wrap, cut saving 1/2" on end to wrap inside napkin ring and glue in place for a clean finish

Step 8: The hot glue also gives the napkin ring solid support

Fini: "designer" napkin rings complete!

Total: $10.00 for Set of 6

*blank wood napkin rings from any craft store can be used as well


Cottagecore Rustic Bread Recipe

Cottagecore Tabletop Challenge

Looking back at an earlier Randi K. blog post in January, we discussed the design trend, Cottagecore. This decor trend gained its popularity during lock down in the 2020 pandemic. A trend that celebrates a simpler life. Part of the simpler Cottagecore life style, is going back to the basic home cooking and baking! Bread recipes flooded the internet.

Here is a wonderful DIY bread recipe to share on your scrumptious Cottagecore table!

Rosemary Sea Salt Rustic Bread Recipe here

Wild Mushroom Risotto Recipe here



Farmhouse Birdhouses & Buffalo Plaid Garland

"Life is better in the country". Well we all can't live in the country, but we can bring the country to us!

Loving the Farmhouse Tabletop it has a bit of a Modern farmhouse spin! Signature Farmhouse look; buffalo plaid & Rae Dunn dishes! I re-created the Birdhouse Centerpiece and background birdhouses for under $20! A quick paint job, and placement on my cake platter. What do you think?

The Buffalo Plaid Garland is simply made form a left over napkin, stiffened the fabric, then hole punched when dry to string the twine and hang! See DIY below👇

Farmhouse Birdhouse DIY


  • Unfinished birdhouses (Michaels)

  • acrylic craft paint

  • paintbrush

  • grograin ribbon

  • scissors

Easy steps to follow....

Step 1: paint black birdhouse centerpiece

Step 2: paint white birdhouses for side table

Step 3: add grosgrain ribbon bow to white birdhouses to mimic Rae Dunn Birdhouses, cut ribbon 24"

Step 4: find a platform for centerpiece, I chose my cake plate. You could use books, a crate,

wood cutting board or a platter.

Total: $19.47 for all 5 Birdhouses (Michaels)

Buffalo Plaid Garland


  • left over buffalo plaid napkin

  • paper/pen for pattern

  • scissors

  • Mod Podge

  • paintbrush

  • hole punch

  • twine

Buffalo Plaid Garland DIY Steps

Step1: fold napkin in half measure how tall the garland pendant will be

Step 2: create pattern for pendant

Step 3: fit pattern on folded napkin "ying yang" or "sardine" fashion to get as many pendants as possible

Step 4: arrange how many pendants you need

Step 5: brush Mod Podge over pendants to stiffen, will dry clear

Step 6: when dry, punch hole at each corner

Step 7: thread twine through holes and thread along back of pendant

Step 8: once you have desired garland length and number of pendants, ready to hang!

*My pendant pictured is about 3.5 feet, each pendant is about 4" wide at top, used 5 pendants

Total: Free! all of the supplies I had on hand form other projects

*you can brush pendants with watered down Elmers glue to stiffen fabric as well.

*Buffalo plaid scrapbook paper is another option for pendants,99 cents a sheet at local craft stores!


Surprise Tabletop Raspberry Cupcake Centerpiece Recipe

*Cupcake tower, a prior purchase at Homegoods, tiered serving stands are also available at craft stores

Fresh Raspberry Cupcake Recipe

Dessert as a centerpiece?

How sweet it is!


*try adding 1/2 C cocoa

powder to batter


Well that's it for the Tabletop Challenge Part Two DIY and the end of our August Blog!

Part of staying on a budget is creating some of the decor yourself, and using what you already have. All of these projects are easy and look great too! I hope you are inspired to create your own table accents and achieve the designer look you desire!

Thanks for joining me at the r.k.c Studio for another DIY Blog!

Happy decorating!


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