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Decor Trends 2024

Updated: Jan 2


Hello 2024!

Here we are again, greeting another new year and there are new decor trends to explore. Some trends are here to stay, others are "so yesterday", according to the design professionals.

Let's take a peek at a few top decor trends of 2024.

Every year Pantone labels a color of the year based on trends & pop culture.

This year the color is Peach Fuzz.


You can find the Pantone shade Peach Fuzz in many different objects such as; flowers, rugs even wood tones. And little bit goes a long way.


This is the perfect example of using Peach Fuzz color tone. In this space they have incorporated Peach Fuzz with the wood and carpet tones.👉

👇Shop Randi K. Mojave Mud Cloth

Pillow Cover in a luscious Peach Fuzz

tone here:



Gray is out, green and brown tones are in!

Part of the 2024 decor trends is to reflect nature with earth tones, bringing the outside in.


2024 Food Trend may be the "Year of the Soup". Soup is such a great way to try new cultural foods and spices. Check out this Laksa Noodle Recipe from Glebe Kitchen here:

Laksa Noodle Soup- a spicy Malaysian curry coconut soup.

Curves are all the rage! Sofas, sectionals, coffee tables, mirrors and even curved interior architecture. Fabrics are soft and durable. Nature has organic forms, so our furniture choices

will too! Add curved architecture without major construction checkout DIY Wall Arches tutorial here:

📷decorilla 📷decorilla

Bring in jewel tones.

These rich and saturated tones create a cocoon affect.

I think Pantone Peach Fuzz would be a beautiful accent to any jewel tone interior.

This space is so cozy. I suppose if someone didn't want to commit to such a vibrant paint selection, one could bring in just a jewel tone sofa and brightly colored accents to achieve a similar vibe.


Wallpaper murals!

Murals add so much interest to any space. A perfect canvas for a mural is your staircase! It is one of the first accent walls to be seen by your guests, now it's time to let them shine!


Mixing of metals. Mixing your metallic finishes make your decor warm and interesting. See the black faucet, brass pulls and stainless dishwasher? It all works! Love it!


Create your own retreat with a "Spathroom". Plan your bathroom with all the amenities of a top notch spa. Steam, jacuzzi and luxurious towels and bath products.


Reimagine spaces

Take a closet, or a cupboard and make them an extension of your kitchen. Create a coffee bar, butler's pantry or a wine cellar. Customize it, add shelves, build up!


Greenery Only Centerpieces

Bringing the outside in!

Fill a vase with fresh greens and create a beautiful centerpiece!


Art Gallery Walls

Learn how to hang a gallery wall from

Claire Guentz here:

For the coldest month of the year January, I will be posting a trendy hot cocktail recipe on social media every Friday. We will begin with this yummy Bourbon Hot Toddy recipe to warm you right up from A Taste For Travel! here:


Mid Century Modern is here to stay!

Sleek, clean lines and very functional, you can't go wrong. I love all of the jewel tones and natural light in this space as well.


2024 interior trends are all about self expression and creating a space unique for you and your family. Other decor trends for 2024... bold art pieces, wall sculptures, pops of unexpected color and mixing patterns with patterns. Incorporate vintage finds with modern designs.

It's all about making it your own, with your taste! Homes aren't cookie cutter anymore, people want their homes to reflect their own personalities and interests in 2024.

Hope your are inspired!

Happy New Year from Randi K. Collection!


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