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Victoria Fan Ornament

Victorian Fan Ornament Tutorial. I wanted a farmhouse, antiqued look. I chose sheet music scrapbook paper, burlap scrapbook embellishments and I rubbed the edges with a tea stain medium. Once they were completed, I just felt like they needed a little sparkle to catch a bit of the Christmas lights, so I added a touch of Mod Podge to the edges, and dusted with glitter, shook off the loose bits, and let dry.

Visit your favorite craft store to find your favorite scrapbook paper and embellishments.


  • Scissors

  • 4  -4" paper squares cut, scrapbook

  • paper or sheet music

  • center adornment;  buttons, metallic paper, large rhinestone, scrapbook stickers, etc. or just leave plain

  • hot glue

  • hole punch

  • ribbon or string


Step 1: Gather supplies

Step 2: Cut 4 -4" squares

Step 3: fold accordion pleats

Step 4: bend in half, hot glue inside half & outer sides together, do the same to all 4 pieces

Step 5: glue 4 pieces together, create a circle

Step 6: glue embellishment in the center

Step 7: I like to stain the edges to look vintage

Step 8: Add a small amount of Mod Podge to creases and edges, sprinkle glitter, shake off extra.

Step 9: punch hole on top for string or ribbon, ready to hang!

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