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DIY Outdoor Chandelier

I have a covered outdoor dining area and I always wanted some sort of hanging light fixture.  The ceiling is high and I needed something weatherproof.  My hope was to find something of a metal or bronze style with simple, clean lines giving a beachy/farmhouse feel.  Since the price points weren't ideal for my budget, I came up with my own DIY Chandelier.  I love how it turned out!

DIY Chandelier


  • hula hoop, (dollar store)

  • black spray paint

  • 4-  36" chain pieces (I chose bronze color)

  • zip ties, black

  • pliers

  • outdoor extension cord, measure your space, 

   **I used a 40ft cord for my high ceiling

  • 2  Heavy duty ceiling hooks

  • 2 packs of icicle outdoor lights, brown (@Target)

  • drill for a starter hole

  • black electrical tape

  • floral wire

  • ladder

  • *optional wreath same diameter as hoop


step 1

Spray paint hula hoop black 


Cut 4-   36" chain pieces (chain black or bronze work)

**your hardware store may cut your chain for you

Step 3

Attach 3 chains to the hoop with zip ties, spacing equally apart, set aside 4th chain piece

step 4

Gather chains together, level chandelier by removing links, when leveled, loop them all through open link, keep link open

step 5

Thread cord through open link, then close link.  Run cord down to hoop along a chain to connect lights

step 6

If you can... hang fixture to attach lights, I found it easier.  starting at cord plug, place and fit your lights around the hoop temporary in place with floral wire, adjust and make sure lights are evenly spread

step 7

When lights are positioned in desired placement, replace floral wire with black electrical tape, it will blend in

step 8

Ready to install in place

step 9

Now add 4th-  36" chain strand to the top of chandelier, set aside.  Find where you want the chandelier to hang, drill pilot hole before screwing in the ceiling hook.  Hang by 4th chain piece added, bring cord up along hanging chain piece loop over hook, check length of chandelier.  (we had to shorten hanging chain a little because it was too low to table)

step 10

Decide where the support hook to drape will be on wall, once position is decided, drill pilot hole and screw in 2nd ceiling hook to wall, drape your cord over wall hook, let remaining cord fall to floor.  We placed hook above and between 2 windows so hook could not be seen through window when it dropped

step 11

Hook and drape is the configuration of our chandelier installment

step 12

Hanging chandelier, clean and simple


I love it!  Perfect for those outdoor dinners this summer!  

NOTE:  In the end, I thought that a no electricity solution could be possible.  You can find battery-operated lights at craft stores and online.  You would have to have access to click the lights on & off, and I do not know how long the batteries will last, or if they are weatherproof.  

But I thought that was an option to consider depending on your space and resources.   

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