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Cottagecore Hanging Floral

Bring in dried, pressed, or fresh flowers, display them in glass vintage vases. Bring the outdoors indoors! I love drying my own flowers and share my flower-drying process. 

Materials Needed:

  • Twine

  • Wood dowel

  • Flowers

Step 1:

Tie twine hanger on the wood dowel.

Step 2:

Plan and tie the number of twine threads you want. I chose 5.  My threads were 8ft long, folded in half to make a 4ft hanging, then looped around the dowel.

Step 3:

Divide flowers and plan your design, or tie on randomly.

Step 4:

Lay-out on a flat surface to tie on your flowers

Step 5:

Tie a secure knot around the stems

Now hang, and watch them dry!  You can do herbs for your kitchen too!

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