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Cottagecore Forest Wreath

The Cottagecore Forest Wreath is a perfect addition to incorporate into your cozy cottagecore home.  As mentioned in January's blog, step 1 is to bring nature indoors.  A wreath is a great solution to bringing the outdoors indoors. A wreath can be displayed on a wall, door, or a mantel—the more, the merrier.

Gather materials;

  • 14" grapevine wreath

  • pack of craft moss, multi colors

  • pinecones

  • walnuts & hazelnuts(filberts)

  • craft dried mushrooms

  • hot glue

Step 1:

Hot glue a layer of all mosses on the wreath, save some for touch-ups

Step 2:

Hot glue and arrange mushrooms, pinecones, and nuts, fill in gaps with saved moss

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