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Cottagecore Fairy Lights

Bring the fairy tale into your home with fairy lights.  You can create your own magic of sparkling lights in three easy steps.

Materials Needed:

  • Lantern, tall vase, or display dome

  • Moss found at craft stores

  • Pinecone & nuts

  • Sticks

  • Anything that looks like it came from the forest

  • A centerpiece for inside the lantern, I chose a paper mache mushroom for my focal point in the feature.

  • Battery operated fairy lights found at craft stores, (hide in back or inside)

Be creative!

Step 1:

Layer moss, pinecones, nuts then add centerpiece,

Step 2:

Surround inside the lantern with sticks

Step 3:

Carefully add fairy lights among the sticks.  Doesn't have to be perfect, they will glisten!

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