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Can Votives

I created these fun can votives for my deck area.  I like them in groupings.  I chose high heat spray paint; flat black for the outside, and a warm copper for the inside.  I do like the glowing effect they give.  For a more rustic look, you can simply leave them unpainted.


washed tin cans, permanent marker, large nail, hammer, dish towel, spray paint


  1. Wash and clean tin cans, fill with water and freeze overnight.

  2. When frozen, draw your design with marker (or draw design before frozen)

  3. Place frozen can on folded towel to prevent denting and table damage.  Hammer nail along your design.

  4. When your design is complete, run with hot water to melt ice, then dry. Hammer bottom flat, it may have bulged in freezing process.

  5. Purchase outdoor spray paint.

  6. Spray inside first. (I chose high temp spray in copper).  Let dry. Next, spray outside of can. (I used flat black high heat spray used for BBQs) Let dry.

  7. Now add your tea light!  I found citronella tea lights to keep the bugs at bay.

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