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Tabletop Challenge Part One...DIY Blog

Oh what fun it has been to re-create some beautiful table scapes on a realistic budget! I don't know about you, but I get a lot of satisfaction when I can create something beautiful for less. Of course all of these table settings are absolutely wonderful, so I had great inspiration to work with. Part of staying within a budget is making some of the decor yourself.

These DIY projects are easy and $$ friendly!


Beach Tabletop Coral Napkin Rings & Centerpiece

The first DIY projects I will share, are from the Beach Themed Tabletop, are the Coral napkin rings & Coral Branch Centerpiece.


  • bamboo napkin rings- 6/$9.99 (AMZ) or any wood blank napkin rings at craft stores

  • Red spray paint- hardware store- $5.00

  • garden branches- free

Coral Napkin Rings & Coral Branch Centerpiece:

DIY- Simply spray paint, let dry. Support branches in vases with sand, moss, glass or rocks.


Formal Eggplant & Mustard Centerpiece

The Eggplant & Mustard Tabletop is exquisite! I am not a floral designer, but I wanted to replicate this centerpiece the best I could in a simpler form, to show what is possible. I broke this project down, step by step. Remember, I am not a floral designer, but I enjoyed the project! You will too!

Centerpiece Supplies:

  • Silk florals, berrie branches & succulents

  • natural dried grass

  • moss

  • vase

  • clippers

Step 1: Gather materials; make sure vase is at least half the height as arrangement

Step 2: added grasses

Step 3: trim leaves off berry branches

Step 4: NOTE- half berries trimmed off, creates a cleaner look

Step 5: add moss into vase all around

Step 6: trim peonies to size, hold up to vase to measure

Step 7: add peonies around berry branches and grass

Step 8: add cabbage around peonies

Step 9: I added curly ting ting branches to add some branch texture

step 10: finished, now is the time to tweek arrangement

Total: $52.24


Garden Tabletop Runner, Luscious Centerpiece & Giggle Juice Recipe

DIY Garden Table Runner

  • Mesh/burlap roll 21" wide (Michaels) $8.99

  • scissors

  • tape; masking or painters tape

Easy steps to follow...


Step 1: measure your table add 24" it can fall 12" on each side, my 6ft table I measured 96"

(I folded in half and measured 48" each side, my table was to small)

Step 2: measure 4 " on each end, fold tape at that point to prevent unravelling

Step 3: begin unravelling row by row

Step 3a: unravel up to tape mark

Step 4: take extra threads from unravelling edges and tie six threads together close to edge to form tassels

Step 5: pinch knots to keep threads down by tassel, remove tape carefully

Step 6: trim fringe even

Step 7: I chose a short fringe about 1", but it is your preference how long to make your fringe

Step 8: I only used a small portion of this roll, you can save for other events

Total: $8.99

Giggle Juice

Cocktail here


It is a full blown

garden party

when the bubbly

comes out!🥂


Luscious Garden Centerpiece


  • eucalyptus garland 5ft- (Homegoods , Joanns)


  • floral stems; 4 or 5 varieties and colors 3 stems each- (Michaels) $28.77

  • floral wire cutters

Step 1& 1a: trim stems with clippers to about 8"

Step 2: Lie greenery garland out on your table, nestle stems into the garland varying colors along the length

Fini: Look and see if your florals are spaced to your liking. Done!

Total: $45.75


Modern Tabletop Copper Napkin Rings

"Less is more" is the Modern Design aesthetic.

Muted tones with a pop of metallic!

To re-create the repeat of metallic on the place setting seen in the "inspo" photo, I created Metallic Napkin Rings with copper jewelry wire wrapped in a random manor.

You can too!


  • copper jewelry wire

  • object to wrap wire

  • wire cutters

Gather Supplies

Step 1: wrap around 20 times

Step 2: cut wire, twist wire ends together

Step 3: wrap tight around bundle, trim

Step 4: gently open wrapped circle, slide napkin in

Total: $6.99 makes 12 Napkin rings

If you missed

Part One of The Tabletop Challenge

you can read it here

Part of the fun creating unique table scapes, is doing some of the projects yourself. You can achieve a designer look, for less! Before you know it the holidays will be upon us, and we will be on the hunt for tabletop ideas, I hope you will be inspired to create fun, unique table scapes reading my blog!

Next week, Tabletop Challenge Part Two, four more budget friendly tabletop re-creations;

Cottagecore, Farmhouse, French Country and a Surprise Tabletop.

Happy Decorating!


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