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Tabletop Challenge Part One...DIY Blog

Oh what fun it has been to re-create some beautiful table scapes on a realistic budget! I don't know about you, but I get a lot of satisfaction when I can create something beautiful for less. Of course all of these table settings are absolutely wonderful, so I had great inspiration to work with. Part of staying within a budget is making some of the decor yourself.

These DIY projects are easy and $$ friendly!


Beach Tabletop Coral Napkin Rings & Centerpiece

The first DIY projects I will share, are from the Beach Themed Tabletop, are the Coral napkin rings & Coral Branch Centerpiece.


  • bamboo napkin rings- 6/$9.99 (AMZ) or any wood blank napkin rings at craft stores

  • Red spray paint- hardware store- $5.00

  • garden branches- free

Coral Napkin Rings & Coral Branch Centerpiece:

DIY- Simply spray paint, let dry. Support branches in vases with sand, moss, glass or rocks.


Formal Eggplant & Mustard Centerpiece

The Eggplant & Mustard Tabletop is exquisite! I am not a floral designer, but I wanted to replicate this centerpiece the best I could in a simpler form, to show what is possible. I broke this project down, step by step. Remember, I am not a floral designer, but I enjoyed the project! You will too!

Centerpiece Supplies:

  • Silk florals, berrie branches & succulents

  • natural dried grass

  • moss

  • vase

  • clippers

Step 1: Gather materials; make sure vase is at least half the height as arrangement

Step 2: added grasses

Step 3: trim leaves off berry branches

Step 4: NOTE- half berries trimmed off, creates a cleaner look

Step 5: add moss into vase all around

Step 6: trim peonies to size, hold up to vase to measure

Step 7: add peonies around berry branches and grass

Step 8: add cabbage around peonies

Step 9: I added curly ting ting branches to add some branch texture

step 10: finished, now is the time to tweek arrangement

Total: $52.24


Garden Tabletop Runner, Luscious Centerpiece & Giggle Juice Recipe

DIY Garden Table Runner

  • Mesh/burlap roll 21" wide (Michaels) $8.99

  • scissors

  • tape; masking or painters tape

Easy steps to follow...


Step 1: measure your table add 24" it can fall 12" on each side, my 6ft table I measured 96"

(I folded in half and measured 48" each side, my table was to small)

Step 2: measure 4 " on each end, fold tape at that point to prevent unravelling

Step 3: begin unravelling row by row

Step 3a: unravel up to tape mark

Step 4: take extra threads from unravelling edges and tie six threads together close to edge to form tassels

Step 5: pinch knots to keep threads down by tassel, remove tape carefully

Step 6: trim fringe even

Step 7: I chose a short fringe about 1", but it is your preference how long to make your fringe

Step 8: I only used a small portion of this roll, you can save for other events

Total: $8.99

Giggle Juice

Cocktail here