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Small Spaces, BIG Design

photo- ItsMyFavoriteDay

Small spaces, BIG design!

This month we are learning design tips for small spaces! Smaller spaces don't have to be deprived of beautiful style!

A lot of us have downsized, or are now using our rooms differently. For example, more of us prefer to have a home office. You don't need to build a home addition, we can be creative, and use existing small spaces to supplement our needs.

For example the "Cloffice". A closet transformed into an office space. The space is already there, remove the doors or leave them on, just close the doors at the end of the work day. This cute "Cloffice" has everything you need.


Or find an out of the way small wall, and mount a wall desk, with shelves👉.


Mirrors are a must in small spaces.

Mirrors reflect light and create a spacious feel. This dramatic mirror almost creates a whole other room!



Window treatments can block light and make spaces feel closed in. But if you hang them over and outside the window, it can make the room appear brighter and larger!👉


Hang them high and hang them wide!



Also choosing light and sheer window treatments can create the illusion of more space, and lets the light in!👉


Declutter. Creative storage. This in my own home. We have an empty hallway upstairs, it is the perfect place to house storage cabinets from Ikea. Each cabinet can hold up to 4 plastic tubs, now the clutter is out of sight! Not having a basement, garage or attic, we needed a place to put Christmas decor, china and my business inventory. I really love how it turned out, so fresh and clean! And it didn't break the bank!

Awesome creative storage idea; shoe holder/ entryway console. What a perfect way to hide all those shoes piled by the door!


There are many thoughts on small space furniture. Make sure it is to scale for the room, too large will make your space feel cramped. Too small, everything will feel tiny. And the room has to function, so keep pieces to a minimum.

Appropriate Furniture Scale

Can a sofa be too large for a room?


Home Furniture DIY has the answers!

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👉Just right! Smaller scale sectional leaving room for foot traffic and placed away from the wall, creates the illusion of more space.