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Shelfie Life

photo- kara-eades/unsplash

A shelfie, you ask?

According to the Urban Dictionary; "a picture or portrait of your bookshelf showcasing literature in all of its glory!" This term was originally defined by author Rick Riordan.

Not to be confused with selfie. ex. "As you can see everything in my shelfie is color coordinated".

Not only are we going to take "shelfies" this month, we also are going to look at different ways to showcase our art and collectibles upon our shelves.

Mix textures and shades for "shelfie" interest. Basket, pillows, rug, table runner and pillows,

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We all have family photos that we love!

I really like how all of these photos are black and white and arranged on these long shelves on one wall. Putting them together in mass really creates a design statement, and showcases your memories!


Plant lover?

I wish I had a "green thumb", if I did I think I would create a wall garden like this shelf display! Mixed amongst the plants are books and pottery. *Notice how they used the vertical space as well.

I love it!


Group items in one color way for visual impact. Shop rugs, napkins, baskets and pillows at

Randi K. Collection here

Check out, "6 Joanna Gaines Tricks for Decorating Shelves" here

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"It is visually appealing to have lines that you follow", ex. Towels seen here.

Have a collection?

A collection has more of an impact if items are grouped together. Don't you love this tea cup collection shelf display? It adds color and a focal point to this kitchen. This could be done on one small wall.

photo- surroundinginteriorsblog/


Add a little storybook to any child's room! This whimsical shelving serves as art and is functional as well.