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Romance is in the air! How can you add a touch of romance to your home decor?

photo- Shabby Chic Bedding

You can add romance to your home decor all year round.

Seek natural light, add more shades of white, fresh flowers and plenty of subtle lighting, like candles. A romantic home should look lived in ie; open books, throw blankets and vintage pieces here and there.

Here are a few tips to create a romantic feel in your home.

Pick up clutter- Clutter can create stress and kill the romantic vibe.

These bins are a perfect way to quickly pick up shoes and tuck away, or great for quickly sorting laundry.

Keeping the clutter out of sight.

photo- The Craft Patch

Fresh Flowers- choose one color, and one kind of flower and display in mass. Or collect and group different size vases and display in a cluster. The fresh fragrance will give a romantic scent to your home.

These whispy branches are so lovely. and sculptural.

photo- Thompson Ferrier

Natural Light and white accessories- Curtain sheers can be layered under your curtain panels. This filters and creates white light while maintaining your privacy.

Add fresh white pillows or white washed wood pieces.

photo- Shabby Chic Fairy Tale Sheer

Fireplace and candles- Fire lit rooms, light by candlelight, what could say, "romantic" more?

I love how the candles have been placed in the hearth instead of a fire.

Adds to the glow and warmth!

photo- Pinterest

Texture- Find a pillow or

lush area rug with texture.

flokati or sheep skin.

Soft & sensual textiles awakens the senses.

You can just sink your toes in!

photo- nuLoom

Place setting- use a monochromatic color scheme,

special plates with linen napkins. Adds a sense of occasion and creates a romantic moment.

These copper utensils are everything, they compliment the beautiful china!

photo- Pinterest Shabby Chic

Music- Having relaxing music playing quietly in the background, no TV, is relaxing, and is conducive to intimate conversations.

photo- J.P.M.L. Pinterest

Add vintage collections or finds- Bring in weathered wood, patina metal finds or antiqued books. Stack and arrange them with vintage finds, looks collected and nostalgic. You just can't replace vintage with new pieces. Display in groups for more impact.

photo- Town & Country Living

A home that looks lived in- layer blankets & comfy throw pillows. Add candles, music, fire in the fireplace, all adds up to your home being cozy and inviting.

I could just dive into that sofa and snuggle up. It looks so cushy and inviting with all of those textures.

Sunlight , flowers and candles = ROMANCE❤️

photo- Pinterest

Delicious food- A beautiful, savory meal says ROMANCE!❤️ Spices, flavors, aroma coming from the kitchen. So much more romantic than a restaurant. Enjoy your meal with low background music, a complimentary bottle of wine, then after your meal retreat to your comfy furniture with plenty of pillows and blankets, and watch the fire crackle. See recipe here.


❤️According to a study conducted by Dr. Jennifer Nasser, associate professor of Nutrition Sciences at Drexel University, chocolate consumption causes your brain to release the pleasure chemical dopamine, which could put you in the mood for love.❤️

Tap link under photo and learn how to make your own chocolate covered strawberries.🍓🍫🍓

As we are spending more and more time at home these days, it is always fun to try new and fresh ideas with our home decor. I think fresh flowers, candles, less clutter would be a great start in any home, if you are trying to create a cozy nest, or space with a touch of romance.

I am a sucker for home decor magazines and books, I do have quite a selection of many decor trends that I constantly refer to. Shabby Chic, is a beautiful representation of the Romantic Style.

Slipcovers, florals & vintage finds.❤️ If you are interested in learning more about Romantic Style, or Shabby Chic, click on the link below to check out this lovely book by Rachel Ashwell, an expert on romantic decor.

❤️LIFE takes you to unexpected places.

LOVE brings you home.❤️

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