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🎁Pretty Paper🎁

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

photo- bloomthis

🎶"Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue, wrap your presents to your darlin' and from you." 🎶

Willie Nelson's "Pretty Paper" song came on while Christmas decorating, and it reminded me that part of the fun of giving, is wrapping my gifts. There are so many options out there, you can even purchase sets that coordinate ribbon, wrap and gift cards.

🎁This year we have created a wonderful

Randi K.Gift Wrap Set; 5 sheets of Randi K. Wrap, 15yds of red raffia ribbon, 5 gift cards and 5 woodland snowflake toppers.

Everything you need to create a one of a kind gift! here

🎁If you are going for a "beachy" wrap, create an ornament out of a shell or starfish, and attached it to the top. Two gifts in one!

photos-pinterest, zimbio, AnitaCalero/Realsimple

What could be easier than a Dessert Board? Find a variety of cookies in many flavors, shapes and colors! Add a little Nutella or frosting for dipping! Voila! 🎄🍫🍪❤️

photo- @host_to_perfection

🎁There are no rules when it comes to Christmas decor!

These bright packages are just so festive,

they make me smile!

🍎☕️Do you serve apple cider or waissal for your guests and family for the holiday?

Add a little rum for the adults, yummy!

Here is a fabulous Homemade Apple Cider Recipe From Sally's Baking Addiction here


🎁I love the organic look of kraft paper!

Get your cocoa ready, play some Christmas music, and rubber stamp your own paper, finish it with twine. Buffalo plaid and kraft paper, always a good combination, and so farmhouse! Just adding a natural sprig of evergreen or herbs brings the organic vibe home!

Joanns Rubber Stamps here

Print randomly like snowflakes fall onto kraft paper!❄️

🎁It is always fun to give a bottle of wine for a holiday gift. Why not present it with this cute Gnome Bottle Topper that you can make! tutorial here

Or this bottle topper version here from All for One.

🎁A gift doesn't have to come in a box either!

Look at these clever wrap ideas.

Randi K. Mug Gift Set; here

photos- sweater;Deavita,shirt;newenglandprepster/tumblr,ovenmitt;diyncrafts,lantern;diyscom,


The joy of giving and saying, "I love you", "I appreciate you", "You are special",

always warms the heart. ❤️🎁

🎁That's a wrap! Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday!🎁


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