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Pillow Talk: Pillows 101

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

photo-1961 Montgomery Ward

What's missing in this photo? COLORFUL pillows! One of the easiest ways to change a decor and add warmth, is PILLOWS!

And pillows are my specialty!

I love designing pillow covers and creating my own textile designs. A pillow collection can change the whole style and vibe of a

photo-HiroshiKumura/Unsplash room. Keeping your existing pillows and just covering them, to create a whole new look. No closets full of pillows of every season, just flat as a sheet, pillow covers! I use them for the holidays as well to create a fresh seasonal decor.

You can make a design impact with one color scheme. Here are my Indigo Pillow Covers in action! All of a rich indigo shade with coordinating patterns. I love the fresh, crisp look of blue and white, it is a classic combination! Shop Indigo Pillow Covers here

When choosing a pillow insert, make sure it is a smidge larger than your pillow cover so your cover gets filled to every corner. Here is a quick chart from Savvy Apron.

One of the color trends of 2022 is color everywhere, mixing retro inspired prints and colors!

We got ya covered! The Prism & Mandala Pillows inspired by Ikat patterns and the beautiful Mandalas of Buddhism. Mix and match and create a bright and exciting space with COLOR! Shop Randi K. Prism Pillow Covers here ; Mandala Pillow Covers here


FYI... here


Floor pillows, casual and romantic!

Here is a DIY tutorial here

photo- Hallmark Channel

Is there such a thing as too many pillows?


Check out the chart below to give some basic guidelines!


If you mix pillow sizes, you may create more seating on your sofa.


If you want to achieve a calm, relaxing space, consider light muted tones. The Mali Pillow Covers are neutral and crisp, they can create a relaxing, fresh tone. Shop Mali Pillow Covers here

Choose shades and textures of an all white color scheme. All of the different textures creates a cozy, calm retreat!


Stumped on how to style your bed with pillows?

Mix sizes for interest! 👉

photo- Glassof BoVino

I love my So Cal Pillow Cover Collection! The pillows have been designed to mix and match patterns with ease!

Shop So Cal Pillows here

Mixing patterns can be intimidating. But the more you play with colors and patterns, the easier it gets!

Mix different size patterns of the same or complimentary color way.

Great mixing pattern chart👉


Pillow Cover makeover quick and easy! The Mykonos Pillow Covers are inspired by the white sand and azure blue waters of Greece. See how pillow covers can transform any space!

Shop Mykonos Pillow Covers here


Love Coastal Living?

Bring that nautical splash💦 to your home with Randi K. Shoreline Pillow covers!

Shop here

DIY NO SEW Pillow Cover! Yes, you read that right! Quick and easy!

Directions here:


Do you have a multifunctional room?

Maybe office/guest room?

I love the idea of creating a daybed,

simply with pillows!


Well, new year... fresh decor? Freshen up your space with pillows! Spring is right around the corner, maybe add more color? Or calm your space down after the holiday, with neutral, muted pillows to create an oasis.

Happy decorating!

pillow- Amazon here


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