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NEW Design Trend: Coastal Grandmother

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Coastal Grandmother Style, the new interior design trend is inspired by many of my favorite movies, such as, "Something's Gotta Give". The cast is wonderful, but the backdrop of Nancy Meyers' interior design style, just makes it all the more wonderful!

As I watch Diane Keaton roam about her wonderful Hamptons Beach house in the movie, I am consumed with the interiors and how it is all so perfect. Homey, classic, modern, beachy, casual all at the same time. I became familiar with her interiors style in other movies as well, maybe you have seen them too?

It's Complicated, The Father of the Bride, The Intern, The Holiday, The Parent Trap, Father of the Bride Part II, and Home Again, all of these Nancy Meyers set creations inspire the Coastal Grandmother Style !

The Coastal Grandmother trend name, was coined by Lex Nicoleta of TikTok, she states; Coastal Grandmother Trend "combines everything that gives off chic coastal vibes —A coastal grandmother is “a successful woman who creates a beautiful life for herself” by “embodying elements of coastal living and homemaking,” she told BuzzFeed News. From beachy and easy-to-wear clothing, to cedar-shingled homes on the water, Ina Garten recipes and Nancy Meyers movies."

Coastal grandmother isn't

nautical, "themey" decor,

it is more refined and understated,

creating a lived-in, comfortable tone.

This design trend is kind of a

modernized, minimal, farmhouse style, reflecting beige and white interiors,

with natural accents of brown,

green and blues.

A Coastal Grandmother as described by Jules Buono/Epic Guide to the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic July 6, 2022:

"Coastal grandmothers wear cashmere and linen, they love to garden, take leisurely walks on the beach when it's slightly windy, and sip white wine while reading on their wraparound front porch.

They cook fresh meals with goods they picked up at the farmers market in their open concept kitchens accessorized with neutral and natural elements like butcher block and rattan.

And, naturally, they listen to soft jazz and the oldies while doing so. "

Below is Jules Buono's sample itinerary of a coastal grandmother so you can see exactly how

she would spend her day:

🪸"Upon waking up, sip a hot beverage on your front porch in a matching pajama set as the sun rises.

🪸Do a quick round of yoga or pilates, or take your dog for a walk on the beach, to get moving.

🪸Change into your capri pants and clogs, grab your gardening tools, and snip some fresh herbs and fresh flowers to use later (probably hydrangeas).

🪸Take a quick bubble bath, wrap your body in a plush robe, and then put on some cozy cashmere so you're comfortable yet put together.

🪸Grab your straw hat and straw tote and head to the local bakery, and perhaps the farmers market, to see what's currently fresh.

🪸Go antiquing and take a pottery or art class, then head home to plan for a casual, cozy dinner party.

🪸Remember to write that handwritten thank you note you've been meaning to get to and clean up that paint from your art room, as you multitask the day away!

🪸Make fresh lemonade in a pitcher with lemons from a bowl on your counter, so it has time to set.

🪸Pour a glass of chardonnay, pull an Ina Garten cookbook from your open shelving, and prepare some fresh pasta with vegetables and herbs you collected throughout the day.

🪸Prepare a thoughtful table scape with soft candles, striped cloth napkins, rattan placemats, and stoneware you made yourself.

🪸Change into some lightweight and elegant, yet breathable, linen, and welcome in your chatty, but never boisterous, dinner guests.

🪸Someone may even play a quick tune or recount a story from the past. Either way, there will be lighthearted laughs and thoughtful conversation to go around for hours."

I just love the visual of a "Coastal Grandma" Jules Buono has created! I think I fully understand Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic now!

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