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"It's the little things in life"❤️

This month's blog we are taking a look at everyday objects in a new way!

Have you dined at your friends home and came across her unique set of salt and pepper shakers, or fun butter dish caught your eye?

These everyday items stand out and are an opportunity for us to create a mood or design statement in our homes.

I remember attending a dinner party years ago, and the hostess had a beautiful collection of FiestaWare Dinnerware. I loved how she randomly placed different color plates around the table.

It looked so effortless and yet made a design statement. She was expressing her style through her table setting, and creating a dining experience.

I was a new home owner at the time, and started to pay attention to home design styles everywhere, and dreamt how I wanted my home to express my own design aesthetic.

"The little things" we choose can have a huge impact on how we express our home decor style.

photo- fiestaware

Make an artististic statement right in the center of your home.

Everyone has a fruit bowl, why not make it unique? It is always on your kitchen counter or dining table, and used everyday.

Why not be creative?

Here is my own fun fruit bowl.

I found it at Homegoods.

I love how organic it is.

Salt & Pepper Shakers are a fun way to add some whimsy or vintage to your table. Salt & pepper cellars

add that gourmet touch!

My owl whimsical salt & pepper shakers, reflect

a bit of "cottagecore" style.

photo- creativecoop

Every dinner party needs a water pitcher.

This water pitcher is one of my favorites,

"The Gurgle Pot" !

When you pour this water pitcher, it gurgles! This streamlined design goes with any decor style and it comes in a variety of colors. I have given these as gifts, and of course I own a Gurgle Pot myself!

The Gurgle Pot is the perfect way to break the ice at gatherings.

Shop GurglePot

photo- gurgle pot

Your doormat is one of the first impressions of your home. You can add a doormat with a funny saying to lighten the mood, or express your personal style, like this floral sisal mat here.

photo- target

An unusual chair can add that element of surprise,

even be a conversation starter. This chair by innovative, American designer, Kelly Wearstler is so fun! She always takes ordinary home decor items and makes them stand out.

Add a chair with a bright textile pattern, or a chair with a unique shape or color set in a corner, or opposite a sofa. Adds a sense of style and fun!

photo- kelly wearstler

Tea anyone?

Our tea kettles are on display 24/7,

so this is an opportunity to add a little whimsy, or sophistication to your tea party. There is a tea kettle for every style. Many kitchen stores have a great selection of fun kettles!

This makes me smile!

photo- supremehousewares

Have you stayed at an Inn or a beach house where your robe hook was something unusual?

I have seen hand hooks coming out of the wall, or simple, natural, driftwood as hooks and vintage doorknob as hooks as well.

I love these sweet bird robe hooks! They would be such a fun addition to any guest room or bathroom. If you are looking for something unique, a great resource are local artists at craft shows & markets.

These whimsical birds were found on Etsy

a site that promotes handmade makers, like myself.

photo- modernideas

I have had my eye on these for awhile. I would love to incorporate these unique ottomans into my beach cabin some how. They look like huge beach pebbles, how fun! An ottoman is an opportunity to add that bold pattern or even faux fur, to compliment your chair or sofa. They can be moved around and offer extra seating! Have fun!

photo- foter

My ottoman, is not your usual,

but adds that boho feel I love!

And finally, one of the best opportunities to express your personal style is your coffee table!

You converse, drink and entertain surrounding this centralized piece of furniture, you have an opportunity to set the tone of your home. Again, be creative, have fun!

Whether your style is farmhouse or contemporary, the options are unlimited. Use barrels, trolleys or vintage trunks!

Jen Woodhouse, designer, has a blog on DIY coffee tables, create your own, one of a kind coffee table! Check out her link below.

photo- jenwoodhouse link here

My driftwood coffee table is the center of every gathering.

Always a conversation starter.

The cluster of driftwood pieces supports the glass top. I Love it!

I hope you have enjoyed my blog this month! Taking a fresh look at everyday items,

is a good exercise to think outside the box. Unique and unusual things make a home interesting and memorable. There are so many other items you could take a creative plunge with; wall clocks, bottle openers, wine glasses, pillows and even kitchen utensils!

Check out the Randi K. website for unique home decor ideas.

Most items are designed and created in house for the Randi K. Collection

I mentioned designer, Kelly Wearstler earlier in this blog, she is a creative genius who takes everyday items and makes them a WOW factor. She is talented, and I enjoy her unique perspective.

If you want to learn more about designer Kelly Wearstler,

here is a link for you

"I always put in one controversial item, it makes people talk"

- Dorothy Draper, Interior Designer

Happy Decorating!


Supreme Housewears, Gurgle Pot, Fiestaware, Shop Terrain

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