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Hygge: A Cozy Lifestyle

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Hygge: A Cozy Lifestyle

It is that time of year, time to get our cozy on, or as the Scandinavians refer to Hygge lifestyle. Hygge (hoo-ga) is the Danish’s philosophy of living a happy life. Since Denmark has secured the number one spot in the UN’s World Happiness Report a few times, the Danes know a thing or two about happiness.

Meik Wiking, the author of, The Little Book of Hygge and the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute of Copenhagen, says Hygge is more of a way of thinking than a thing. I am sure you already possess the joys of Hygge in your own home without realizing it. The lifestyle comprises coziness that can be found in blankets, clothes, footwear, comfort food, hot beverages, candle lighting, and much more.

Since October leads the way to November and December, where we will be experiencing limited daylight and cold weather, it is ideal to start getting your Hygge on. Based on the list below, you can create Hygge coziness next to no cost, and requires little time or effort. Savor your favorite piping-hot spiced cider with your bestie. Hygge requires you to be mindful of the calm moment you are experiencing. Therefore, it is ideal to unplug yourself (or your phone) from the outside world to ensure that you enjoy the ambiance of coziness.

Below are the ten things Wiking suggest (pg 95) that will help you Hygge-fy your home :

Cozy Corner to share with your bestie

1. A Cozy Corner

Every home needs a "go-to" corner or nook where you can burrow down into a pile of blankets with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate.

Items in this cozy corner:

2. Fireplace, Wood Stove, or White Lights

The fireplace, woodstove, and white lights provide warmth and an ambiance that creates a hygge-feeling.

If your home does not offer a fireplace or woodstove, drape a string of white lights around your home to create a cozy feeling.

Items in this fall setting:

3. Candles

Not just one candle - several candles grouped around the space delivers a calm atmosphere. If you are concerned about the burning candles, use battery-operated flameless candles.

Items in this cozy vignette:

4. Wooden Items

Wood brings us back to nature after working in technology all day - wood floors, wooden games, wooden frames, etc.

I love the smell of wood. There is something nostalgic about it. It reminds me of visiting the family beach house where a fire is burning in the woodstove or outside on the beach.

Items in this photo:

5. Nature

Bring nature indoors. It could be flowers, succulents, leaves, or nuts. If you are near nature, add items into your space to help you feel closer to the environment. Natural things help us feel grounded, which helps take the stress away from our daily lives away.

Nature items:

6. Books

Books are one of the best tools to travel the world in your undies. Curl up with a novel or photo album and escape the chaos for a few minutes.

Be sure to stock your bookshelf full of your favorites so you can reach for them at any time.

7. Ceramic items

Ceramics offers a handmade artisan touch. You may already have a favorite teapot or mug that is in your cupboard.

I love the earth tones the ceramic pieces provide. I had a roommate who made it a hobby to collect ceramic mugs from every farmer's market she visited. Her mug display was quite impressive.

8. Texture

Have you noticed how fuzzy things offer a feeling of warmth? Texture in your cozy nook will take you away from the metal and plastic that you are using in your daily life. Take time to feel the texture of your ceramic mug, and how the fuzzy rug feels under your bare feet.

Cozy Items:

9. Vintage

Old family photos and favorite antique pieces are great conversation starters.

Having some nostalgic items in your space provides a sense of security, taking us back to a fond memory or story.

10. Blankets

More blankets, the better. When it is cold outside, nothing cozier than burrowing down into your favorite blanket.

I am obsessed with the thick knitted blankets shown on the left. The heavier the blanket, the warmer I feel.

According to happiness expert, Wiking, Hygge is for everyone. Hygge lifestyle is a respite from the day-to-day chaos. The idea is to recharge yourself so you can be your best version of yourself. If this post inspired you, visit the shop to Hygge-ize your space.

Happy Hygge!

Sue Giske

Guest Blogger for Randi K.


Wiking, M. (2017). The little book of hygge: Danish secrets to happy living. New York, NY: William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins.

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