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✨Holiday Mantel Scapes✨

Do you decorate for the Holiday season before Thanksgiving, or after? Being in retail it seems I am planning my Holiday season in October, but decorations go up around Thanksgiving at my own house. The mantel is at the center of our homes, so let's make them special! This month I am going to create a variety of Holiday Mantel Scapes to inspire a cheerful Holiday season!

🍂🌾 Harvest Time 🌾🍂

I started out with 3 pumpkins, then I kept adding! More is more! A bountiful, thankful harvest indeed! You can learn how to make this wreath in our September Blog Here

🍂🌾Pumpkins in mass makes a statement.

🦃 Giving Thanks 🦃

Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season often times a "Thankful" decor gets overlooked and we go right to Christmas. The leaves on the garland here have a bit of a gold shimmer to them. I love all of the neutrals with touches of black. The sweet wheat stacks have a few feathers arranged throughout.

🦃I am always looking for Thanksgiving side dishes.

I am liking this Mushroom Lasagna with Gruyère Bechamel, full of mushrooms, fresh thyme and Gruyère cheese.

Recipe here


🎶✨ Silver and gold, silver and gold...✨🎶

Bring out the ✨glitter and glitz for the holidays! Christmas lights bounce and reflect off of the sparkly finishes. Once again, layers and layers create a bold design. Layer garlands on garlands.


I layered my buffalo plaid wreath over my evergreen wreath. I love the farmhouse inspiration!

❤️ "Farmhouse Book Stack" limited quantities available at Randi K. Holiday Marketplace

❤️Below is how you can make your own rag wreath.

Materials: 2 yards flannel cut into 1"x8" pieces, 14" wire wreath form, scissors.

🌲 Natural 🌲

Bring in the natural elements! The kraft paper stars set the tone for this mantel.

Pomanders line the mantel with different clove designs & I just love how this dried orange slice garland turned out. Oh... it's scent is divine! All items found at your local grocer!

🍊Pomanders; simply insert cloves into fruit and create different


🍊FYI...A Jane Austen history of the "regency pomander" here

🍊Not to let the oranges go to waist, we ate them! They were infused with the delicious clove flavor, soooo yummy!

🍊Garland; slice orange, dab slices with paper towel, bake at 250F

on parchment paper for 3 hours. String onto natural jute string.

I added cinnamon clusters and anise stars to this garland. Oh so fragrant!

🍊Dried orange garland👇

✨Paper Stars!

Easy to make and add that Farmhouse look!

Add these Holiday stars to your mantel, tree, wall or hang from the rafters!

See the quick tutorial below👇


  • 9 paper lunch bags (white or kraft paper)

  • scissors

  • glue gun

  • glue sticks

  • pen

  • hole punch

  • 8" of twine

Step 1: With flap side down, run glue in T pattern from folded top underneath

Step 2: Repeat; stacking all 9 bags and gluing T pattern, and repeat

Step 3: Draw cut pattern

Step 4: Cute pattern through all 9 bags

Step 4a: To make a smaller star, cut 2-3" off top before drawing pattern, then cut

Step 5: Open, and fan make sure edges aren't stuck together

Step 6: Open, glue ends

Step 7: Open and glue ends together, press inside to give firm glue attachment

Step 8:Punch hole for hanging, thread twine, and hang

Step 9: Fini !

💦 Under the Sea 💦

💦For the beach lovers! Keep it simple or add twinkle lights & candles along side the mermaid. The ornament balls on the wreath remind me of water bubbles.

☕️Eggnog break...☕️

Old-fashioned hot egg nog (1903)

Use a mixing glass.

1 fresh egg 2 spoonfuls of sugar 1 wine glass of Cognac 1 wine glass of Jamaica rum

Fill the glass with boiling hot milk, stirring contents well while adding the milk; grate nutmeg on top, and serve.

Photo by lyulkamazur/Envato/Recipe;ClickAmericana

❄️ Winter White ❄️

All white, and texture! These fun yarn trees, wreath are from Randi K. Holiday Collection.

❄️Shop Marketplace , Garland; Randi K. Holiday Marketplace

❤️🎄 Traditional Red & Green 🎄❤️

🎄Sometimes less is more! Just the lush greenery and red poinsettias, have such a bold impact.

🌲Don't have a mantel, fake it!

I love this idea!

Good Housekeeping

Christmas Spectacular Issue

is chock full of holiday ideas!


All I need is....

✨Happy Holiday Decorating!


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