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Hello June!

Two things I love most when summer rolls around are; dining alfresco and campfires!

Something about dining outside whether it be a small picnic or a large BBQ, everything tastes better outdoors! After been cooped up during the virus outbreak, it is now safer to venture outside, while being mindful of social distancing of course, we can enjoy the long days and fresh air!

A dining table can be set up anywhere! In the city on a small deck, an intimate setting on the patio corner, or simply under an umbrella in the grass. I love sitting outside after a fun day in the sun and enjoying a meal with friends and family.

One of my favorite summer recipes is very simple made with fresh tomatoes, basil and brie tossed in pasta. That's it, and it is delicious! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Campfires are in the air all around us when we spend the summer at our cabin. That smokey smell of embers takes me back to simpler times, whether it be camping with my family, summer camp as a girl scout or even my college days. And of course a campfire is not complete without s'mores! How many ways can you make a S'more? I love the idea of a charcuterie board to create your own version of a S'more!

Summer is here! I may have a show in August, I will keep you all posted! In the meantime I am offering a BOGO sale! Buy 2 get 1 FREE, use code BOGO6/20 at checkout! Expires June 15th!

So enjoy the long days & warm summer nights! Better days lie ahead! Hopefully we will see each other at my shows this holiday season November and December! Be safe!

Please enjoy this Randi K. printable card!

sailboat card June.jpg
Download PDF • 1.37MB

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