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🌺Floral Inspirations🌺

Updated: Apr 3


Right before spring after gray winters, I find myself saying, "I need more color in my life".

So my Spring decor inspirations come from the cheerful color palettes of flowers!

So this month's Blog we are celebrating 🌺"Floral Inspirations"🌺

🌼 🌹 🥀 🌸

There are many ways to bring spring and flowers into our homes. Let's dive in!

🌺Simply... a rug.

The corals shades playing against the turquoise tones, of this rug simply compliment each other. This color combination makes this statement rug, so appealling 🌸I love it!


🌼Do you ever watch a series or movie and you are constantly admiring the set decor?

I found a new TV series I like, and the rooms have the most wonderful, embroidered lamp shades in every room. I think I may have spotted them at a big box home decor store in passing.

This beautiful shade was found at Anthroplogie here

I can't get enough of them!🌼


I designed NEW pillow covers, and they are FLOWERS!💐

🌹Looking for a quick Spring seasonal color change???...Cover your winter pillows with bright, fresh, washable pillow covers by Randi K. Collection!

🌺This is a hobby I have been wanting to try, cake decorating!

These floral buttercream cupcakes are soooo beautiful!🌺

Along with recipe for these confectionary delights,"SpicesnFlavors"

offers a cupcake tutorial!

I am so excited to give this a try! Recipe here


🌸Of course setting a colorful table for our guests cannot be overlooked!

These beautiful floral vintage "feel" dinnerware pieces are from Walmart, created by Pioneer Woman, can be found here



💐A quick, non-comital, pop of floral color,

a throw blanket!


🌺Yummy garden floral glasses make everything cocktail taste better!

📷Macy's 👉

🍹15 Essential Highball cocktail recipes

from "a couple cooks" here

Sometimes a unique flower vase

makes the largest decor statement!

Bringing fresh flowers into your home is always a good idea!🌸🌼🌺


💜💜💜We had a lilac tree outside our daughters window at one time, and boy the fragrance was so lovely! When the tree was blossoms were fragrant, spring was on its way. For me lilacs=Spring💜

Bringing the scent of flowers into your home can give your winter dulldrums a boost!

🌸I always like to add a DIY project to my blogs, and I have presented many wreath projects for every season. This wreath caught my eye, I am going to give this a DIY a try! Maybe you will too.

The instructions from "A Piece of Rainbow" here


🌼Besides bringing fresh flowers and candles into your bathroom, why not bring in luxurious floral bath towels! They have such a Cottage / Farmhouse feel!


Finally, I wish I was bold enough to install this beautiful, bold, floral statement of wall paper!


It just takes my breath away! This space would be spring 24/7.

Maybe that's not a bad thing?

I feel inspired to get some long needed color into my home. I am ready to take on a couple of projects from this month's Blog!

I hope you are inspired as well!🌺🌸💐🌹

Happy Decorating!


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