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🍁Falling🍁 into the season!

Fall is creeping in. Days are shorter, temperatures are dipping. I crave being outside in the crisper air, surrounded by the fall colors and crunchy leaves beneath my boots. I think with in this era of Covid, a place to go outside in all types of weather is going to be essential for me this fall and winter.

I have decided to store my outdoor dining table, and move in my sitting area. It is covered from the elements, our gas fire pit we sat by on summer nights, will be a staple on crisp mornings or gloomy afternoons. It rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest, pretty much from October to March, so I am excited to have a retreat outside during the "ugly" months.

Last weekend we had a beautiful fall day. We spruced up our deck with mums and of course pumpkins galore. These rope pumpkins are so easy to make, and add that rustic, fall feel.

To create these adorable pumpkins, I used small soup cans for thin rope, and larger soup cans for thicker rope. Simply wrap a good 30 times around the soup can, tie super tight in middle, slide off can, make sure string is at its tightest. Make four sets, hot glue each set to your pumpkin stem. I used driftwood pieces for mine. You can saw a stick in 6" to 8" pieces for a perfect stem. The large pumpkins with heavier rope are a bit more challenging to hold in place, but after a couple of tries, I got the hang of it. Aren't they great? You can use colored twine as well!

To celebrate our perfect fall day, I felt compelled to create a

S'more Charcuterie Board. I added Nutella and peanut butter into the mix, along with some special cookies for yummy gourmet s'mores.

We lit up the fire pit, and enjoyed s'mores while watching the busy birds all around us.

To complete our new outdoor space, we brought out comfy pillows, blankets, a beautiful fall garland, and put fresh bulbs in our outdoor hanging lights. I love outdoor lights year round.

All of these elements can be brought indoors too. Remember the "Hygge" (Hoo-ga) concept, "cozy" we have mentioned in our earlier blog? Well it's time to get cozy!

Bring in twinkling lights, candles, music, create special meals, more fires in the fireplace or even bring back an old school cocktail hour!

All of these elements will help us get through our winter months.

*pillows and wreath, can be found in my Randi K. Marketplace.

I love the change of seasons, fall makes me think of new beginnings.

Maybe because we are leading up to a new year.

Here's to 2021 hoping to be a better year!

Instead of fighting the winter "dulldrums" I am going to try to create cozy spaces and embrace the new season.

🍁"Autumn, the season that teaches us, that change, can be beautiful"🍁

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randi kokonaski
randi kokonaski
Oct 12, 2020

Thank you!


Unknown member
Oct 12, 2020

This is amazing. every thing to view at our finger tips. Well done and easy to fallow.

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