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Fall Porch Ideas

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

photo, more info-maplecreekmarket

Wow! And what a lovely porch it is! There are so many wonderful ideas here; mums on mass, pumpkins galore, cornstalks a plenty, spiky grasses, fun lighting and hints of vintage!

All of these ideas can be done on a smaller scale, and on a smaller porch.


This month's Blog.... Fall Porch Ideas;

one porch, eight ways!

Let's go!

1- Fall Garland Porch

I layered my autumn garland onto my lighted grapevine garland. The garland is from my show prop stash. (I explain how to make it below) All of the autumn colors and twinkle lights are the best! I repurposed some planters from my garden, they fit perfect on each side of the door to create symmetry. After putting a box inside each planter, I piled pumpkins on top. Then I added fall foliage here and there for filler and color. The berries on my wreath were florescent orange, so I watered down some brown craft paint, loosely brushed on the berries to tone them down. Then sprayed with a clear coat. Finally, a lovely coir doormat mat. Welcome fall!

๐Ÿdoormat & wreath- Homegoods, pumpkins & autumn garland- Michaels

๐ŸGrapevine Garland; Simply stretch grapevine garland out on table or counter, (might have to weigh down ends with books, it's tightly coiled) tie raffia all along garland, then attach lights with floral wire all along the length. (I used two grapevine garlands and floral wired them together before adding lights) For extra fullness, I wove 3" burlap ribbon through the garland.

2- Nautical Porch

I really wanted to incorporate my vintage sign for this nautical porch! My r.k.c Shoreline Pillow, gives a little pop of color complimenting the orange pumpkins. The driftwood wreath is something I have had for awhile, it seems to fit the nautical theme. The chair was brought up from the downstairs deck. I love how this turned out! See how you can make your own coastal pumpkins below. ๐Ÿ‘‡

๐ŸFaux pumpkins, corn stalks- Michaels , adirondack chair - ACE Hardware, Gray buffalo plaid pillow- Homegoods. Shoreline Octopus Pillow found here


I carved these faux beach pumpkins

a few years ago.

I simply etched off the top

surface with a Dremel tool.

I cannot find my tutorial I created, so I am sharing a good tutorial I found from Lowes.

Foam pumpkins can be found at craft stores,

and at the dollar stores.

A little messy, but fun. I carved mine

outside on my patio.

Lowes Tutorial here

photo- RandiKCollection

3- Boho Porch

I love the personality this porch portrays. All of the subtle colors pop against the robin egg blue door! The woodland chair has donned many of our gardens, as we have moved from state to state years past. It is made of "swamp twig", soaked and bent. I brought out some boho accessaries from my r.k.c stash to complete the look. I love the character of this Boho Porch!

๐ŸGet the boho look; r.k.c Mojave Pillow, Tassel Wall Hanging and Succulent Wreath found here pumpkins; Michaels

4- Twinkle Light & Lantern Garland

Something about twinkle lights, I love them year round! I put them up at Christmas, I hang them around my porch come springtime, light up our deck in the summertime. Now mini lights mixed with grapevine, raffia with a touch of burlap, is the perfect ambience for fall! As you can see my lanterns are weathered from outdoor patio use, I love the ambience candles bring. You can fill your lanterns up with pumpkins or twinkle lights too!

A "welcome" doormat gives the final touch!๐Ÿ

๐ŸLanterns- my own, available craft stores & home decor stores, pumpkins- Michaels, wreath, doormat - Homegoods

5- Welcome Porch

Welcome, harvest time! Looks like a days worth of gathering pumpkins and gourds down on the farm! Simple arrangement, but I love the farmhouse feel of it! Sometimes less is more!

๐ŸWreath- Homegoods, sign, pumpkins, cornstalk - Michaels, chair- IKEA


Sorry to interrupt your browsing....

Fall is here and pumpkin everything is on my mind!

I must share one of my favorite fall recipes, it is delish!


Cream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Bread