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Dopamine Decor


"Dopamine is known as the “feel-good” hormone. It gives you a sense of pleasure. It also gives you the motivation to do something when you’re feeling pleasure." - Cleveland Clinic

Dopamine Decor is creating a space that makes you feel joyful! A Dopamine decor space should reflect you, your experiences, your favorite colors, things that make YOU happy. Choosing bright colors and mixing patterns, and yes, it can be done tastefully.


There is really no specific color palette accept, bright ones! Yellow for example, can boost

your joy! Add pops of yellow to create your dopamine decor mood.

"Yellow color aids in releasing a chemical in the brain called Serotonin which acts as a mood stabilizer, also known as a happy chemical. Studies have proven that the yellow color wakes up your brain and enhances concentration." - Jagran Josh, Color Psychology

Check out more dopamine color combinations at Dunn Edwards Paints here



When beginning your color selection decide what mood you want your space to reflect.

For example...

*Cozy mood: emerald green, deep blue & charcoal shades

Cheerful space: bright, light colors

Energetic room: hot pink, lipstick red, yellow

*Tips by,Kelly Dawson, Real Simple Magazine


When you decide on a color scheme, choose 3 colors.

Choose 3 colors:

-a neutral tone

-a soft tone

-a bold tone


Choose brightly colored prints and create a colorful grouping these cute prints are found on Amazon by Dazong Weihan



Patterns can be intimidating. Here is a great way to break down your color scheme according to Kelly Dawson of Real Simple Magazine; "Choose a bold, fun print! Find one neutral shade from the pattern, choose another color as a lead color, all the other colors can be used to accessorize."

This whimsical space from Lavender and Laurel shows Just how colors have been picked up from the wallpaper pattern and sprinkled around the room with the light pink (neutral) sofa grounding the space, this gives your eye a rest. So much joy in this space! I love the pops of yellow!



Paint your cabinets or choose prefab cabinets. Yellow inspires happiness!

📷Martha Stewart/Pluck CabinetsUK

Don't want a yellow kitchen?

Why not add a pop of yellow with these BEGRIPA cabinet pulls from IKEA.



I love this vintage claw foot tub but in a dramatic, energetic purple shade!

Think retro appliances too.


Dopamine Delight Quinoa Salad: Happy Bowl here

Yes, what you eat can produce dopamine and make us feel GOOD! Check out this "Happy Bowl" from Atrium 👆



Pop art, a Mid Century Modern rebellion from traditional art. Remember Andy Warhol?

Choose a graphic pop art for the walls and add a whimsical furniture piece like the play on the famous "Lips" sofa by Bocca.

The playfulness sets the happy, dopamine tone!



Bring in pattern and color with tile! Add a colorful kitchen back splash or create a fun

bathroom oasis!



Mix large and small patterns picking up the shades in the modern art, make it all work together.



This a super fun example of a Dopamine gallery wall and dopamine decor ! Pops of color, pop art, neon sign mixed in with colorful, modern wall art. The dark wall shade calms the room down. I would even add a family photo or 2 to personalize your gallery wall!



Texture is so important to set the mood and make us feel relaxed and comfy.

Soft luxurious fabric you can nestle into. Patterns and the muted shades create a calmer dopamine space.



Jump out of your comfort zone!

Have fun with your personal space, your bedroom!

I love these bold stripes against the floral wallpaper. Notice the stripe shades a drawn from the wallpaper pattern.



Choose a bold color to ground your room that YOU love, and decorate around it.


I have shown examples of Dopamine decor that are bold and playful. I wanted to end this blog on Dopamine Decor with a space that may be more subtle but incorporates most of the dopamine characteristics...pops of bold colors, modern art, textured chair, rug and ottomans, modern furniture style, a vintage lamp and clock.

Bold colors, vintage details, texture = Dopamine Decor


Like Dopamine Decor?

Start small. Begin with a bold painted wall, a bold rug or piece of art , then create YOUR story around your focal point.

Happy Decorating!


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