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Dining Alfresco

Updated: Jun 2, 2023


It is that time of year when we bring our lifestyles outside, and that means outdoor dining or "dining alfresco"! I look forward to this every season! It seems everything tastes better outdoors! This month I will share some dining alfresco ideas and recipes.

Dining alfresco has always been a way of life for the Europeans. This beautiful outdoor table setting is in Tuscany, Italy.


Dining alfresco doesn't have to require major planning. But here is a helpful checklist if you are planning an outdoor dinner party.


Bring out the floor cushions and create a casual, yet sophisticated alfresco experience.

Add candles and lanterns for that summer glow.


✨Shop affordable outdoor lanterns here


🍹Summer mocktails! Yes I said mocktails, not cocktails. You will never know these beverages were alcohol free!


from IBT girls here

🎉Party! Say it loud! Create a bright, energetic table.

Randi K. Shoreline Table linens and pillow covers here Placemats and beaded napkin rings here

Hot days, warm evenings calls for lighter fare. Zucchinni is in season, why not try a "zoodle" dish ?

Here is a wonderful recipe from Cookie+kate here

Table for two?

Find a quiet spot, and bring out your candles and pillows to create a special dining experience.

Shop Randi K. Indigo pillows and tabletop here Driftwood & shell candles here

Serve up family style!

Set the courses out on decorative plates in the center of the table and have your guests self serve. This is a more casual way of presenting a meal to your guests. Creates a more relaxed dining atmosphere. I love how they placed the entrees on risers.


Ambience in the warm summer nights is a must. Put up your outdoor lighting!

📷myonehundredyearoldhome 🌼👆Learn how to create your own outdoor chandelier here

🍊There are so many beautiful & bright paper plates today. Easy clean up for your outdoor dinner party!

Here is a set from Ellie and Piper shop here


🍒Shop what is in season at your local farmers markets. In the Pacific Northwest berries and cherries are abundant. Here is a traditional Cherry Crisp recipe perfect for your summer table from Well Plated here

🍒For my local readers, here is a list of what produce is in season in the PNW from Spruce Eats here

🏔Dining alfresco can be simply a picnic!

11 Picnic Food Ideas That Aren't Sandwiches! here

from Kitchen Sanctuary

📷winesisterhood 📷mylifeinthecountry

🇺🇸One of America's favorite holidays is next month, celebrating outdoor activities and BBQ's, so I will end this Month's Blog with 10 Inspiring 4th of July Decorations from Cuter Tutor here


Happy Summer!☀️


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