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Decor Trend: ✨Regencycore✨

Updated: May 2, 2023


It's funny how pop culture influences fashion, music, and even home decor trends. Remember Rachel on the sitcom Friends? Well, everyone wanted the "Rachel Cut"! Madonna influenced a whole new fashion trend. Brad Pitt, David Beckham, and others made the old "Flat Cap" a fashion must-have.

Are you a fan of Bridgerton, Persuasion, or Saniton? These dramas take place in the Regency Era. Where love, romance, and extravagant living all take place in front of these beautiful Regency interiors and manicured gardens. Opulence, luxurious fabrics, gold gilding, and architectural details are eye candy to the fans, and they want it in their homes too.

The series Bridgerton has introduced a new decor trend, Regencycore .


Fun Facts: The Regency Era was between the years 1811-1820. England was the most powerful and richest country during this period. Everyone wanted to show off their wealth. A large influence on fashion and decor was the eldest son of King George 111. His son, Prince of Wales, George, became the Prince Regent when his father succumbed to mental illness, he later became the reining George the lV. Prince Regent George loved fine clothing and opulent furnishings and was not shy to put his wealth on display. His subjects aspired to have the same extravagant lifestyle as the Prince Regent George. As trade opened up to the far east at this time, luxurious fabrics, art, wallpapers, and fine china became available to the elite.


Shonda Rhimes, one of Hollywood's hottest creators and famed writer for the series Bridgerton has created a modern Regencycore-inspired apartment in the heart of New York City. Notice the lovely floral wallpaper, gilded sconces, rich textiles, and antique chairs with a Regency flair.

And wow!

(*You can see more of Shonda Rhimes Regencycore home in the Architectural Digest March 2022 issue.)

Want to bring romance and a bit of Lady Danbury into your home?

Here are TEN Regencycore style tips:

ONE: Floral Wallpaper

We can bring the Regency gardens into our spaces!

Because of Regencycore, plenty of floral wallpaper designs are available everywhere. In the 1800s, England, Asian designs were a fashionable home decor influence. "Chinoiserie" floral pattern became one of the most popular home decor patterns. 👉 Today, wallpaper can cover an entire room or just one wall. It's up to you!

Anthropologie has a large collection of floral wallpaper and murals here


I love this project!🌸

Add chinoiserie to your space with wall panels.

DIY project from Monica Benavidez here



TWO: Gold Gilding

📷apartmentherapyt 📷worldmarket

Gilded mirrors and candle holders are a great way to bring Regencycore into your home.

Golden, opulent accessories will add that Regency bling. Available everywhere!

Beautiful spring tea party cookies for your

next Regencycore party here from

Glorious Treats





The Regency settee was designed for napping and reading and intimate conversations.

Here is a lovely modern version of the popular settee style.👉 Gilded antique style settees similar to the Regency era, are available in today's markets as well.👇 The settee is a great furniture piece to place in a transition area.


🫖🌸🥪🥮🍰English Tea Sandwiches anyone? Tea was the highlight of the day!

The Preppy Kitchen has a variety of scrumptious tea sandwich ideas here 🌹


What says Regencycore best?

✨A chandelier!✨

Bring a gilded crystal chandelier👉 into your space, or choose a modern take on

the Regency classic.👇

📷amazon 📷thespruce/burkedecor


Chinoiserie pottery like these from Ballard Designs are the perfect Regencycore accessory. Similar floral designs can be found on vases and dinnerware in antique and thrift stores today.




Adding architectural features to your space can add elegance and depth. A homeowner can add elaborate moldings around and above the doorways. Or simply add a frieze along the upper perimeter of the walls. This frieze from Wallpaper Direct, can be applied and then painted over to resemble carved wood or plaster. Can be easy to remove when desired.

What an elegant touch!



After the Bridgerton series took off there was a surge of internet searches for Tea Sets.

In Regency, Tea was served for every occasion!

There are so many tea sets on the market today!

Taking time for tea is a grand idea.






Fringe adds opulence!

Fringe from Bridgerton set on left👈🏻 surrounding the windows, and a modern take on window fringe at the right.👇🌼🌼🌼




✨Ciel de lit; "sky of bed".

A French design feature placed over the bed, was very popular in the Regency Era. Below is a modern take on the "Ciel de lit".






How delightful is this manicured garden! Fans watch so many strolls and conversations take place in these beautiful gardens of Bridgerton.

Not everyone has the space or resources to have a large beautiful garden like this, but we can bring elements of a Regency garden into our outdoor spaces. I love the modern take of a manicured garden from Modern Country Gardens to the right.


Here are some Regency garden ideas:

  • Topiaries. Many garden stores sell them today.

  • Wisteria or primrose hanging and dripping. A trellis will do.

  • A pergola or gazebo

  • A place to dine alfresco, so Regency!

  • Comfortable outdoor couches for lingering and tea sipping

  • A water feature

  • Colorful floral borders

Bridgerton, written by Julia Quinn, has captured our hearts with her beloved stories and Shondra Rhimes has helped create a host of new characters living amongst these beautiful Regency surroundings. The Regency backdrop depicted in this series, gives us a perspective of love, luxury, class and wealth of the Regency time.

No wonder Regencycore has taken off as a new interior decor trend. We can create our own Regency fantasy!


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