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boho chic

Updated: May 2, 2023


"Boho Chic is a free-spirited aesthetic that mixes different cultures and artistic expressions into an eclectic style with an emphasis on organic elements and nature. When putting together your boho style space, mixing patterns, metals, woods, materials, animal hides and trinkets from your travels is highly encouraged." HGTV/Chair of the ASID National Board, designer Kerrie Kelly

TEN tips to achieve Boho Chic in your home.

One: Layers

Layer rugs, blankets and throw

pillows, and create a conversation pit.

🌿I layer sheepskin on my sofa, as seen here, for texture and protect my sofa from pets.

🌿Randi K Collection natural accent rugs👇 here

📷Sara Toufali via The Nordroom TheWonderForest

Two: Global Eclecticism

Embrace different cultures , mix patterns. Bring in handmade textiles like; shibori, suzani, Mexican, African Mudcloth, Wax Cloth & Cactus Cloth Silk

🌿Transform your space with Randi K Collection Boho Chic So Cal Pillow Covers here

Three: Lighting

Bring in light fixtures of natural materials like seagrass, capiz shells and shaped rattan. Ikea Sinnerlig Pendant here 👉


🌿DIY Fringe Boho Chandelier from

Jungalow Blog here


Four: Life of Travel Inspiration

🌿Boho Chic is all about travel inspiration and the objects we collect and display from other cultures.

I love how everything is displayed on this wall. Texture, art and celebrating many cultures.

What a story this display tells!


Five: Living Greenery

Plants and succulents are a Boho Chic must! They purify the air! Choose artisan baskets and pots to house them. If you don't have a green thumb, bring in artwork with foliage.👇

🌿Boho Chic; plants, low seating, dried pampas grass & wood accents👈🏻

📷maytheray 📷foresthomesstore

Six: Unique Seating

a. One of Boho Chic favorites is the hanging chair, gives that Boho carefree feel.

b. The butterfly chair is also a Boho Chic go to chair

c. But most popular of all, is the pouf. Flexible, casual, and movable seating.

🌿All designs bring a unique and interesting decor accent.

a. b. c.

📷Overstock 📷Chairish 📷saffron+poe

Seven: Boho Chic Artwork

🌿Macrame is famously associated with Boho Chic. Brings texture and organic textiles into any space. Hanging wall baskets of rattan and seagrass add natural elements to your Boho Chic home.

📷macromacrame 📷blackbanddesign

🌿Check out Randi K Collection handmade wallhangings here and wall basket selection here

Eight: Patterned Tile

🌿Bold handmade tiles installed as backsplash, shower stalls or flooring, say Boho Chic!


Nine: Metallic Accents

🌿Bring in a pop of metallic to your Boho Chic home.

Morrocan metallic lanterns add that global feel and sparkle.

These lanterns are found at Target here


Ten: Furniture

This is a great example of a Boho Chic space. Low sofa, light leather covering, low coffee table and warm wood tones.

🌿Note: live greenery, rattan chair, handmade baskets, light airy window treatments, pillow fringe, poufs and aztec rug. Don't be afraid to add vintage well worn pieces to your eclectic space.

This room celebrates all of the Boho Chic elements in one calm, airy Boho Chic setting!


🌿DIY Beaded Boho Chic Mirror here from

Delineate Your Dwelling


Boho Chic table setting by Home With Holliday

🌿Note: All of the Boho Chic elements:

  • rattan placemats and light fixtures

  • succulents

  • raw silk table runner

  • candles

  • neutral color tones

  • live plants

  • metallic accents


🌿The queen of Boho Chic, Justina Blakeney.

Has written several books sharing her expertise on Boho Decor available at Amazon here


🌿Boho Chic celebrates many cultures, why not try interesting foods from different


Enjoy this Falafel Sandwich Recipe

from Fufu's Kitchen here


🌿Boho Chic is one of my favorite Interior Decor trends.

I love the mixing of patterns and the infusion of multiple cultures.

Happy Decorating!


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