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BBQ Season is Upon Us! tips & recipes

Memorial Day 🇺🇸is the official beginning of the summer season! I am hopeful that we will be in a position to actually have a BBQ or two this summer!

In this month's BLOG I am going to offer a list of items you may want to have on hand, and share some recipes for the upcoming BBQ season. I hope this info will help you prepare for any impromptu gathering!

Let's begin with being a little saucy!


BBQ Sauces:

Kansas City Style, Memphis BBQ, Texas BBQ, North Carolina BBQ


Ketchup, Mayonaise & Mustard

Tahini for Meditterranean BBQ

Chimichurri for Latin BBQ


Lettuce, onion, tomato & pickles

Buns: Hamburger, Hot Dog, Pita & Tortillas


I love to find new sauce recipes to make from scratch, check out this recipe.

Homemade Carolina Mustard BBQ sauce Recipe here:


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What is your favorite summertime beverage?

BBQ Beverages:

Plenty of Ice & Cooler (or coolers)



Vodka & Mixers

Bottled water, Juice & sodas

I love to have coffee on hand for dessert time

Summer Moscato Sangria recipe here

A great summer beverage!

photo- homemadeinterest

Galvanized buckets are a great way

to store beverages for a crowd!

"Nice to meat you BBQ"

BBQ Meats

If you don't have a Costco Membership or Sam's Club, I recommend getting one for for your summer stock up.


Steaks Shrimp

Burgers Salmon

Hotdogs Brauts

Chicken Ribs

Ground lamb for gyros Pork tenderloin

Pork chops

Grilled Pork Tenderloin Kebab Recipe here


BBQ Apron available @

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"Eat your veggies"

BBQ Vegetables

Corn on the Cobb


Portabello Mushrooms



*(wrap asparagus in prosciutto & grill)


Bell peppers (sweet red on the grill ...yum)

Vegetable kebabs

Garlic Parmesan Corn on the Cobb Recipe here

photo- itsakeeper

"BBQ because you can't live a full life

on an empty stomach"

BBQ Sides

Green Salad

Potato salad

Pasta salad


Baked Beans

Vegetable Kebobs

Rice Dishes

Loaded Baked Potato Salad Recipe here

photo- fitfoodiefinds

"Stressed is desserts spelled backwards"

BBQ Desserts

Strawberry Shortcake





Pop cicles

Ice cream


S'more fixings

Bisquick Strawberry Shortcake Recipe here photo- passionforsavings

(an easy favorite of mine!)

"Grillmaster at work"

BBQ Essentials

Plastic wrap Toothpicks

Foil Tables

Apron Chairs

BBQ gloves Canopy

Heavy Stainless Bottle Opener Music speakers

Charcoal Flashlight

BBQ grilling tools; tongs, spatula ,fork Strings & ropes

Meat thermometer Sunscreen

Oil Citronella Candles

Serving spoons , tongs and forks *Tiki torches

Cutting board *(not essential, but fun)

Paper towels Salt & pepper

Napkins First Aid

photo- countryliving Forks, knives, plates, cups Hand Wipes

Garbage & recycle receptacles

BBQ Tips

The Dollar Store is your friend!

It is a great resource for summer

BBQ tools and paper products! These cute plates, runner and napkins are ALL from the Dollar Store!

Melamine plastic plates are reusable, lightweight and can be put in dishwasher. Choose a set that goes with your style and bring them out every summer. Less garbage & a greener approach.

Use a set of utensils you can wash in dishwasher & reuse, eliminates plastic garbage, or...

photo- randik.

Use Bamboo Utensils that are bio degradable

like these here

A canopy is a great option for those unexpected summer showers, and provides needed shade on scorching summer days!

Use a charcoal chimney, instead of lighter fluid. Food tastes better too!

Having utensils organized is handy with a crowd.

Be creative! Load up mason jars, coffee cups, little tin buckets, small flower pots, cans or baskets with forks & knives. I found these wire baskets with a divider at a craft store, I loaded utensils on one side, and napkins on the other.

Ready to purchase utensil caddy's can also be found everywhere this time of year in all decor styles.

Get organized!

BBQ Checklist Download here photo- randik.

My husband received this cookbook quite awhile ago, and we have referred to it over and over again.

Full of grilling tips, tutorials on different cuts of meat, how to properly cut your meat and of course recipes!

Shop BBQ Bible here

I hope you are inspired to gear up for BBQ season! There were many times we were not prepared, and wished we had some sort of "arsenal" of BBQ supplies!

I am excited to gather with the people I cherish again, and get grillin' !

Happy grilling! Happy summer! 🥩🍔🥓🌮🌞❤️

photo- charliesbbqfavoritequotes

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