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2022 is in the bag!

Updated: May 2, 2023


"I'm looking forward to the future ,and feeling grateful for the past" - Mike Rowe

Another year in the bag! Last year I tried to touch on some new subjects, and create informational Blogs that would be useful for any reader.

Let's jump right in....Randi K Collection 2022 Recap begins NOW!

February 2022 Blog

Pillow Talk here

Everything you wanted to know about pillow arangements, mixing patterns and pillow care.


March 2022 Blog

Small Spaces BIG Design here

This month we discussed how to make a room look larger, furniture arrangements that maximize space, clever office ideas, and more!


April 2022 Blog

Shelfie Life here

The art of decorating your shelves.

Learn how to showcase collections and

create unique shelf arrangements


May Blog 2022

Flower Power;

decorating with flowers here

Flowers in art, learn easy flower arrangements, DIY flower projects and much more! The power of the flower!


June Blog 2022

Summer Faves here

This Blog is all about summertime!

Recipes, outdoor living, DIY, summer decor and

summer nights! How do you summer?


July Blog 2022

Summer Spruce Up;

summer decor ideas here

Learn summer color scheme ideas,

summer recipes, and how to bring more summer into your home!


August Blog 2022

Coastal Grandmother here

I always like to share a new design trend, I love this one! Coastal Grandmother, a comfortable, classy coastal decor. A timeless, unpretentious home decor style.

You'll love it!


September Blog 2022

Fall into the Season here

Preparing for fall; floral arrangements, wreath ideas, fall food and drink recipes, color schemes and porch ideas.


October Blog 2022

An encore post from 2020;

Hygge:A Cozy Lifestyle here

The Scandinavians teach us about the

positive and cozy lifestyle of Hygge.(hooga). Written by guest blogger, Susan Giske; Digital Marketing and Design here

November Blog 2022

My Favorite Color is Fall here

We had such a vibrant fall in the PNW this year, I just had to do another fall Blog about bringing all of those rich, fall colors into our homes!


December Blog 2022

Christmas Decor Around the World here

We ended 2022 with a trip around the world and saw how other countries decorate, cook and celebrate the Christmas Holiday!


Well 2022 is in the bag! What's in store for 2023? I have some ideas brewing!

Thanks for joining the

Randi K Collection in 2022 🎉

Happy Decorating!


All resources are listed in each Blog

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